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Human Growth Hormone (Known as HGH) is secreted by the pituitary gland at the base of the brain in humans HGH plays a vital role in the growth and development of muscle tissue, bones, skin, hair and even nails. It does this by promoting new cell growth. One injection of HGH per day can prevent aging and make us look better and more healthy.  It promotes reduction of wrinkles, increases the skin’s elasticity and tone, ultimately creating a younger look.

HGH (human growth hormone) has a mechanism of speeding up and regulating metabolism, assisting in fat loss, and maintaining a healthy body composition. It even stops cells from aging. HGH boost strength, exercise stamina and overall health and wellbeing.  It stimulates protein synthesis and helps muscle recovery after hard workouts.

Why HGH is Important?

Levels of Human Growth Hormone decrease over time in our body as we age.  HGH production within our body can deplete to levels that are too low. This is then called HGH deficiency and can be caused by a number of factors including Lack of sleep, poor diet, stress, and some medical conditions.
Without adequate levels of HGH production, body growth becomes stunted and very difficult.  Human growth hormone deficiency can lead to a reduced growth rate in children, reduced muscle mass and strength, an increase in fat accumulation, particularly around the waist and abdomen, even in children and teenagers, negative effects like changes in cholesterol levels, weaker bones, decreased exercise stamina, fatigue and many more.
For these reasons, the proper level of HGH is important for those who care about their body growth, muscle mass and strength. Its proper dose is important for bodybuilders and powerlifters. 

Benefits of HGH Growth Hormone

Loss of body fat

Using HGH for fat loss raises your metabolism, turning to food you eat into energy and new cell growth. Its other fat burning mechanism is called Lipolysis. This effect burns and melts away fats,oils and waxy deposits within your body.

Enhanced muscle growth

Using HGH for muscle growth creates new cells via enhanced protein synthesis and RDNA cell growth. The solid mass gains are permanent. There is also connective and hard tissue growth present.

Increased exercise capacity

Using HGH for recovery and endurance as it creates a better bodily function of carrying oxygen around the cells. You can exercise with more intensity and recover more quickly.

Decreased cardiovascular diseases risk

Cardiovascular diseases are becoming very common nowadays. People use HGH lower blood pressure and to stop the build up of arterial plaque. The new tissue growth is more flexible and elasticized so has an overall anti aging effect on the blood capillaries and arteries around the body. HGH promotes an overall improvement on Cardiovascular health

Tougher bones

As you grow older your bones weaken through decreased bone density. This is predominantly through lack of collagen. With HGH Collagen production is another important function as it improves absorption of Collegan and can even increase bone density over longer periods of use. HGH protects and repairs all internal organs through cell growth and protein synthesis.

Improved cognitive capabilities

As we already know, the mind and body are closely connected. With HGH enhancing health and well being, this has a positive effect on our mind and thought process. HGh also regenerates the nervous system through repair and new growth. Cells all over the body are formed, even in the brain! Studies at universities have reported reduced stress and anxiety from HGH use.


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