Buying HGH Online

Buying quality HGH that is of is the most important aspect. Unfortunately buying online is the only way to get it unless you have a doctor’s prescription. The demand for pharma grade HGH is now huge on a global level.

Buying HGH online

Prescriptions are only issued for health conditions such as Turner’s syndrome and serious muscle wasting disorders. People requiring HGH without prescription for use due to all its other benefits must acquire it either from a contact at their local gym or online. Acquiring it can be a nightmare because the online marketplace is full of roque websites selling cheap low quality or counterfeit HGH products. Many contain other peptides that mimic the effects of HGH and crudely induce some basic benefits but are dangerous and untested. There are some basic guidance points to consider when purchasing HGH from a new supplier. These are:

  • Is this a mainstream licensed product that is used by hospitals and the healthcare system? Purchasing these gives you an assurance of quality, such as when you buy Genotropin or buy Humatrope.
  • If it is a licensed HGH product, does the serial number verify with the manufacturer. This can be achieved by contacting the help desk at say Pfizer or Eli lilly.
  • If one of your chosen quality HGH products is not one of the mainstream pharma giant products it should be a GMP The majority of GMP HGH is Chinese HGH produced by Peptide companies that are looking to capitalize on the increased global demand for better value HGH.
  • Always request lab reports. Many lab reports are forged or do not relate to the product that you will actually receive. So verify them by contacting the lab.

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