HGH for Fat Loss

We talked about cell generation and maturity taking 3-6 months. However, in terms of fat loss, we can see benefits after only 2 weeks. This is because hgh speeds up our metabolism right from the get go.

HGH for fat loss

It uses food as energy and cell growth immediately so in a way it switches off our bodys’ signal to store fat. The main fat loss is around the abdomen or waist line. Also visceral fat (which is the fat around our internal organs) is melted away, which is a great thing as this type of fat is considered the most harmful. So with increased energy levels, deeper sleep and recovery from exercise, a supercharged metabolism and a general feeling of wellbeing, you can see why we start to see fat loss with HGH as all these benefits kind of work synergistically to produce the result of fat loss. However it’s important to refer back to the 6 month course length for long term fat loss. This is because we must gain lean muscle and bodily tissue in order to raise our RMR (resting metabolic rate). The gains we make in this area with HGH, we keep !. We change our actual body composition forever. A dose of only 2iu (2 international units) per day is suitable for steady fat loss.

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