Bacteriostatic Water 10ml by ROHM

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Bacteriostatic Water 10ml by ROHM

Introducing our Bacteriostatic Water in a convenient 10ml vial—a vital solution designed to meet the specific needs of various applications, including medication reconstitution and sterile dilution. This specialized water formulation ensures the safety and effectiveness of your pharmaceuticals, making it an essential addition to any medical or research setting.

Key Features:

Purity and Safety: Our bacteriostatic water undergoes rigorous purification processes, guaranteeing the absence of harmful microorganisms that could compromise the integrity of your solutions.

Multi-Use: Versatile and suitable for a range of applications, from diluting medications for injection to facilitating laboratory experiments and research.

Long-Lasting: The 10ml vial size provides ample bacteriostatic water for your needs while maintaining its sterility over time.

Convenient Vial: The vial is designed for easy access and efficient use, with a secure seal to preserve its sterility until opened.

Bacteriostatic Agent: Contains a small amount of benzyl alcohol, which acts as a bacteriostatic agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria, allowing for multiple uses from the same vial while ensuring sterility.

Directions for Use:

1. Ensure hands are thoroughly washed and sanitized before handling the vial.
2. Carefully open the vial, ensuring that the seal remains intact until use.
3. Follow your specific application guidelines for the proper dilution or reconstitution process.
4. Dispose of any unused solution responsibly and securely reseal the vial for future use.

Safety Precautions:

- For external use only. Do not inject directly.
- Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Do not use if the vial or seal is damaged or compromised.

- Use by your health care provider's or laboratory's guidelines.

Our Bacteriostatic Water 10ml Vial is the trusted choice for healthcare professionals, researchers, and individuals seeking sterile and reliable solutions for their medical and laboratory needs. Rest assured, its quality and safety standards meet the highest industry standards to ensure consistent performance and peace of mind. Order Now VerifiedHGH

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