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Unlock the potential of Tiromel T3 25 mcg, a medication containing Ltriidotironin Sodium, primarily used for the treatment of thyroid disorders, specifically hypothyroidism. This tablet is not only essential for managing thyroid issues but is also favored by athletes and bodybuilders for its ability to enhance the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates in the body. It's imperative to procure this medication with a doctor's prescription or upon the recommendation of a healthcare professional, available at leading online pharmacy stores, drugstores, and medical supply outlets.


Tiromel T3 25 mcg tablets are proudly manufactured by Abdi Ibrahim Pharma, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies based in Turkey.


Each Tiromel T3 25 mcg tablet contains 25 mcg of active ingredient Ltriidotironin Sodium. Different substitutes with varying strengths may also be available at prominent online drugstores, pharmacy outlets, and medical supply stores.

Uses of Tiromel T3 25 Mcg (Ltriidotironin Sodium):

Tiromel T3 25 mcg is employed for the following purposes:

- Treatment of severe and chronic Hypothyroidism

- Replacement therapy in hypothyroidism

- TSH suppression

- Management of Myxoedema

- Enhancement of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, particularly favored by bodybuilders

How Tiromel T3 25 Mcg (Ltriidotironin Sodium) Works:

Ltriidotironin Sodium, a synthetically derived hormone present in Tiromel T3 tablets, plays a crucial role in regulating thyroid hormone levels in the body. This regulation, in turn, governs the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Before You Use Tiromel T3 25 Mcg (Ltriidotironin Sodium):

Prior to usage, ensure that:

- You do not have allergies to any of its components.

- Your doctor is informed about your pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, surgical history, medications, dietary habits, and supplements.

What to Avoid While Taking Tiromel T3 25 Mcg (Ltriidotironin Sodium):

During the course of Tiromel T3 25 mcg:

- Avoid consuming alcohol

- Steer clear of high-fat diets

- Do not take any medications without a doctor's prescription

When Not to Use Tiromel T3 25 Mcg (Ltriidotironin Sodium):

Refrain from using Tiromel T3 25 mcg if:

- You have a history of allergy/hypersensitivity to it

- You experience difficulty in breathing

Inform Your Doctor If You:

- Are hypersensitive to the medication

- Have any liver or kidney disease

- Suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma

- Have gastrointestinal, heart, or other diseases

- Are pregnant or breastfeeding

- Are undergoing other concurrent treatments, drugs, or therapies


Tiromel T3 25 mcg (Ltriidotironin Sodium) is a prescription-based medication available in various substitutes and should only be taken as per the doctor's recommendation. Consult your healthcare provider for guidance regarding the duration and frequency of medication, as individual age and disease severity may vary.

Patients are advised to take Tiromel T3 25 mcg at a fixed time each day, typically before the first meal. While it is safe for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, the dosage should be optimized based on individual needs.

How Much of Tiromel T3 25 Mcg (Ltriidotironin Sodium) to Use:

The appropriate dose varies according to individual requirements. Begin with a 25 mg tablet and increase the dose gradually after a week if needed.

How to Take Tiromel T3 25 Mcg (Ltriidotironin Sodium):

Take Tiromel T3 25 mcg exactly as prescribed by your doctor, swallowing the tablet with a glass of water every morning before breakfast.

Duration of Usage:

Always adhere to your doctor's recommended duration of use, and do not extend it beyond the prescribed course.

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